From cotton
to button

Bottonificio Lariano presents his ZetaBi exclusive patent, the garment dye button for cotton or linen fabric. An unique patent that allows the perfect color of the button during the dyeing process thanks to a high degree of color absorption.

ZetaBi does not discolor, does not stain and remains intact even at high temperatures because it is extremely resistant.

Speed is in

ZetaBi makes easy and speeds up the production process of the garment because makes free from the problem of colored button storage in stock and resets the waste. Then, it allows to reply in real time to the chromatic trends of fashion, without waste and without thoughts. A great opportunity far those who want to keep high their production reactivity without renouncing to the quality.

like your

The ZetaBi patent includes a wide range of button and label, different in style, size and shape. The garment dye button allows also to make stone wash effect to confer to the surface of the button an old look.
lt is possible to supply ZetaBi already dyed and treated for an ecological product using.
We can realize our button with your logo brand, also with particular geometries and texture.


All ZetaBi products are made of cotton with particular attention to the use of chemicals that are harmful to health.

The garment dye button

Our company

Bottonificio Lariano is partner of important fashion brands since 1973. The success comes from an intuition of the founder Battista Zanini who, since the dawn, understood the button was not only a functional accessory but a real element of style that the industry had to be able to manage in the most personalized way. This innovative vision combined with research and knowledge of raw materials has allowed to the company to satisfy the needs of a fashion in continuous transformation offering a dynamic and perfect service in every style context.

In this professional way, the ZetaBi patent has an important part because it allows to dye the button directly with the fabric. A revolution in the button's world.

Today Bottonificio Lariano is a point of reference in this sector, with a recognized experience and much appreciated by a lot of people and a big accessories and buttons offer, but most of all with a service in continuous evolution, exactly like the style.


Bottonificio Lariano works consistently with his own ethics of sustainability which is expressed in all the production phases.

  • optimization in the use of machinery without energy waste
  • photovoltaic system
  • less waste of raw material
  • selection of materials of animai origin that are not dangerous for protected species

Un A service
without borders

Bottonificio Lariano thanks to the experience and the production technology offers a quick and precise service which responds to customer needs both in stylistic terms and quantity terms and where customers requires it.

Our strengths

  • ZetaBi, the dye garment button
  • Engraved button
  • Laser processing
  • Designer products
  • Stone wash treatments
  • Wide range of raw materials
  • Quick prototypes
  • Reliability and confidentiality on productions